Elite ’04 Summer Camp | Ashlea Jones | Oshawa Ontario | Sports Photographer

I had the best time photographing these amazing kids for 6 weeks. I got to see how much they progress in just a little over a couple of weeks.
They were great sports dealing with me the entire time. They actually enjoyed and got used to me being around.

A big thank you to all the boys for being great sports.
Wishing these boys all the best this hockey season.
Look forward to next year’s summer camp!!

One more light | North Kawartha Ontario | Family Photographer

I’m just going to let the photos speak for itself.


Sarah & Joon’s Engagement | Whitby Ontario | Photographer

Even though it’s summer we got pretty crazy weather, that didn’t stop us on this day.
Love this couple. They are sweet, kind, loving souls. Working with them was so much fun.

Sarah you’re so freakinlish gorgeous.

Thank you Sarah & Joon for an amazing session!
Big props Joon, you did amazing for a guy that doesn’t like being in front of the camera.


Brielle’s 6th Birthday | Tiny Beaches | Family Photographer

I always look forward every year to Brielle’s Birthday. I’ve photographed Brielle from day one and it’s amazing how much she has grown over the years.
Best part Brielle was born on father’s day and we got to celebrate both her birthday and father’s day.

Brielle’s grandmother, Alice has been in every single session. It’s amazing how much this family comes together every session.

Brielle has never got a hair cut. Look at that gorgeous long hair!

The coolest dad!

Brielle lost her first tooth and I was happy to capture it as it happened.

Thank you P Family for an amazing day.
Look forward to another fantastic day with you and your beautiful family.
Happy Birthday Brielle!!

Lakeside Academy | Oshawa Ontario |Photographer

A fun day at Lakeside Academy with some pretty amazing kids.
Nothing but a good time and showing off their skills.

Miss A, doesn’t play hockey, she is still out there learning to skate and most important she has fun doing it.

Mr. F, amazing skater and player. Loves sports and fishing.

Miss C, competes in hockey and is hard to beat. Girl Power!!

Miss I, has a strong, powerful kick. She competes in hockey as well as soccer.

Mr. T, loves and plays both hockey and baseball.

Mr. TB, enjoys playing all kinds of sports loves hockey the most.

Mr. J, competes in a lot of sports. Loves hockey the most and has progressed his stick / puck handling since he joined Lakeside Academy.

Mr. W, has a powerful shot. He loves sports and competes in hockey.

Mr. X, he loves playing hockey.

Grade 1

Grade 2

All these kids are amazing! Every single one loves going to Lakeside Academy. It’s a fun place to learn and have fun.
My son is an example and seeing how much he looks forward to school with a big smile and excitement on his face is priceless.

Thank you Lakeside Academy for an amazing day!!